Re-imagining the mineable oil sands sector: sustainability through innovation

EPIC Oil Extractors (EPIC) is at the centre of a fundamental shift in the way that mineable oil sands resources are extracted. By moving away from the traditional Clark Hot Water Process and transitioning into a more sustainable, water-free approach to extraction, EPIC is ready to support operators as the world enters into a lower-carbon future.  

As mined bitumen will account for approximately 39 per cent of oil sands production by 2040, there is no better time than now for this sector to champion new generation extraction technology.  

EPIC’s breakthrough technology offers a new future for the mineable oil sands. With it we can pursue economic and environmentally viable development, generate jobs and revenue, and signal to the world that responsible resource development is possible as we transition towards a greener, lower-carbon future. 

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EPIC's patented extraction process is solvent based and uses no water.

EPIC’s process eliminates the pollution of water and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% compared to current water extraction technology.

Over 99% of EPIC’s propane – based solvent is recycled.


As EPIC’s extraction process uses no water, tailings leave the extractor dry and benign, ready to go back into the ground, where they can immediately sustain new plant and animal life.

"The world is changing and technology needs to keep up. When it comes to mineable oil sands extraction, EPIC is leading the way."

Ned Diefenthal | President and CEO, EPIC Oil Extractors, LLC