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EPIC’s process achieves oil recovery rates comparable to or better than the paraffinic froth treatment process. Unlike existing extraction processes, EPIC’s technology does not require process water and produces dry tailings thereby eliminating the need for toxic wet tailings ponds. Our technology provides the added flexibility of adjustable recovery rates to produce high quality refinery-ready oil that does not require coking.

EPIC’s technology is an above-ground extraction process for mineable oil sands and is different than solvent-based downhole extraction processes used with steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), developed for in-situ oil sands production.

Technical assessments by major engineering firms have validated testing results and confirmed high potential for commercialization. EPIC is now actively assessing options for a field pilot project to demonstrate commercial scalability, performance, reliability, and the operational advantages that have been identified to date.

EPIC’s technology is protected by a large portfolio of issued and pending patents in the United States and Canada.

Selected Key Advantages of EPIC Technology

Offers significant capital cost savings ranging in excess of more than 60% and operating cost savings exceeding 50% when compared with costs associated with the Clark hot water extraction process.
Uses no process water during extraction and significantly less energy compared to the Clark hot water extraction process.
Produces dry tailings, which eliminates the need for toxic wet tailings ponds and allows for immediate land reclamation.
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 50% compared to the Clark hot water extraction process.
Produces pipeline- and refinery-ready lower-sulphur oil.
Allows flexibility in achieving optimum bitumen recovery rates.
Offers good potential for near-pit extraction.
Supports commercially feasible development of small- and medium-sized reserves.


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